About Us

CKPS is a play school initiative of people combine, a group that has pioneer and redefined the way education is perceived in india. Started in the year 2013.

90% of the brain development happens in the first 2000 days of child's life. During this time, the various experience and interactions the child goes through result in the formation of connections in the brain, which ultimately builds its structures.

Our Aim

Our aim is to enrich the child's development in a safe and pursuing environment while having fun. Parents leave their children at play school in the care of trained and experienced staff, where they will participate in a mix of free and directed activities.

The program is designed to introduce and environment where a simple routine is in place. It doesn't try to emulate pre school education but at the Same time provides more for the children that would a play group. It 's hoped that play school will ease the transition to pre school.

We will help you understand your child, Research bears testimony to the fact that the initial six years of childhood, During which the mind acts like a sponge and soaks up whatever is a taught, are the most crucial in the development of one's personality.

The quality of yearly experience influences their meta cognition and fashion them into smart intelligent grownups. in the childhood years, Children learn mostly from the sensory Experience.

                                    -Our Honorable School Correspondent P.Hemalatha